Freestanding / Two-Wheeler Productions
Big Plans by Jeremy Taylor
Directed by Tanner Harvey
Starring Karl Graboshas, Leni Parker & Andy Trithardt
Production Design by Kaileigh Krysztofiak
Original Score by Andy Trithardt

NNNN & Critic's Pick -NOW
✭✭✭✭.5 & Standout Show

Gordon and Henry met on the internet; now their dreams can come true. Locked in Gordon’s apartment, they have one night, a frying pan, and big plans. A dark comedy based on the infamous Rotenburg Cannibal, who wanted just one thing: "a willing victim, to be slaughtered and then consumed.”

"Every aspect of the production, from the writing, acting, directing, sound direction, choice of venue was flawless. I’d recommend it to anyone. Even my mother."
-Ryan Kerr, Mooney on Theatre

"Fearless performances, keenly intelligent dialogue and surprising insight. A dark and delicious treat."
-Christian Baines, Charlebois Post Toronto

"A chilling, visceral tale of loneliness, self-loathing, and repression"
✭✭✭✭.5 & Standout Show
-Ryan West,

"more than mere tabloid fodder. The performances are unfailingly good"
NNNN & Critic's Pick
-Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine


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